Makeup is not a necessity for every girl because they are born beautiful. Makeup is used to enhance and express the beauty of the world. It has been one of the embellishments for women and will continue and there is no doubt regarding that. The obsession of having beautiful makeup is increasing tremendously therefore, many makeup varieties are coming in the market. But, using makeup for glorifies your skin and at the same time to maintain that natural charm is quite impossible.

As per Maryam Ahmadi, the Best makeup artist in Delhi, “makeup is important as it brings out the best of you and provide you a fine-looking texture, but using makeup on regular basis makes your skin dry and leaves you with full of stress and tension, In order to ease your tension, we have come up with useful tips that will surely help you in making your skin glow-

  1. a) Mix your foundation

Attaining the natural look is not tricky at all as you must have techniques and knowledge to mix foundation with moisturizer. Add a few drops of moisturizer to the base to form a cream which is to be applying on face. The cream plays the role to make your skin glow and also helps you to look natural.

  1. b) Focus on Concealer

You have to apply Concealer finely. Your focus should be on every line that passes via the bottom lines of your eyes those results in giving flawless look.  The mirror will be the right companion to guide you properly.

  1. c) Give definition to eyes

You should highlight your eyes with an eye pencil. Apply eye pencil on the upper and lower waterlines of your eyes. After applying finely, close your eyes tightly that pushes pigments to touch the roots of your lashes and provide natural lash lines to your eyes. You may use a cotton bud to remove the debris of pencil from your lashes to make your look natural.

  1. d) Free your blush

If you want to opt for no makeup look, you have to cease off blush for the time. You have to apply blush carefully and later on, you can use a foundation brush to give a smooth touch with a natural glow.

  1. e) Choose your Lipstick
  2. f) We know, matty lipstick are in trend and as per the experts- to get a natural finish, you have to choose your favorite lipstick then, apply moisten the little feathery brush in it and after that color your lips softly. In order to give natural look, you have to keep your lips little soft.

We all know, makeup is incomplete without beautifiers but at the same time, you must have ideas and techniques to apply makeup. Contact Maryam Ahmadi, the best makeup artist in Delhi today.