Eyes are the highlighted feature of our face as it catches all the attention. There was a time when girls used to have two options either black eye shadow or blue. With the passing of time, the latest trends arrive and bring in the plethora of different eye makeup in the market to make your eyes even more expressive. Eye shadows have numerous shades and give you the chance to try on multi shades to create the best look you yearn for. But, at the same time, Girls also get in the confusion as they’re unable to choose the right Airbrush makeup that suits your eyes.  Delve through the page to know the different style of eye makeup for different eyes that enhances the beautification of your eyes:

  1. a) Shades for Brown eyes

Brown eyes have a specialty that every kind of eye shades suits on them. Any type of color with work but if you want to highlight your eyes, you should go with deep purple and bronze gold.  You can also go for a deep green colour if you are looking to make your eyes lighter.


  1. b) Shades for blue eyes

Having blue eyes sounds unique as only a few people are blessed with this colour. All the blue eyes girl, you should go for orange eye shadows to make your eyes look large and catchy as orange is the complete opposite colour of blue. Even, the gold, bronze or shimmery eye shades will also work with your eyes and make them look pretty. You should also try on bronze and brown eye shades if you want to have subtle look along with complimenting your eyes. This combination is the best as per the Makeup experts.

  1. c) Shades for Green or Hazel eyes

Some girls are blessed with Green eyes that automatically adds beauty to eyes. The red colour shade will suit you the most. As red colour is unique and looks brighter than other colours, it will not only provide natural look but also blessed you with the charming look as per Bridal Makeup experts. Pink eye shadows will work for you with ruddy hints such as rust, mahogany, and bronze. You can also apply a purple shadow in order to enhance the beauty of your green eyes.

  1. d) Shades for Gray eyes

Girls with Gray eyes already have unique personalities and the combination of best eye makeup with their hazy shades makes your wild looks catchy and appealing. You can use eye shadows of steely colors like gray, light gray or frozen blue which will amaze your eyes with the highlighting features.

You must have gotten the idea about the different eyes and which color is the most suitable one. If you want to be pro, just keep on practicing and do experiments. Only hard work and practice makes a professional Makeup artist but at the same time allows you to be unique and fresh. Start practicing at your home and don’t forget to share your pictures with us. For any bridal makeup assistance, contact Maryam Ahmadi.